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Remove The Burden of Self-Destructive Patterns

I thought we were done discussing the issue of self-sabotage but then I remembered a phone call that got me thinking. It seems there are still more ways in which we can sabotage our own dreams and goals, and quite frankly this one can make me angry. In this phone call, I was talking to a gentleman and he shared an experience he had that he felt had influenced his entire life. Unfortunately, I have heard many variations of this story over the years, but it never ceases to bother me. This gentleman is now in his 60s, doing okay ...

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Mastering Mindfulness

Mindfulness has become quite a buzz word these last few years, but what exactly does it mean to you? I have to confess that it had me a little confused for a while. But then I thought about it more and realized that it formed the basis behind much of what I have been doing for the past three decades. Benefits The benefits to mindfulness practices really are amazing. For health conditions, “mindfulness can help relieve stress, treat heart disease, lower blood pressure, reduce chronic pain, improve sleep, and alleviate gastrointestinal difficulties.” Mindfulness is also being used to “treat depression, ...

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The Missing Key to Retaining/Regaining Cognitive Abilities

Thirty years later I am still exploring ways in which InnerTalk can help me become the person I want/choose to be. As such, I am always playing around with different programs and combinations to see where I get my best results. In the last few months, I have had some simply incredible results when it comes to memory and cognitive abilities so I thought you may enjoy hearing about them. Cognitive Enhancement As I have told you before, one of my personal phobias has to do with cognitive abilities and aging, and as such, I pay close attention to any ...

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Customizing Your Meditation Experience

The first time I thought about meditation seriously was when Eldon took me to Zion National Park not long after we first met. As we were exiting the park Eldon found a place where we could pull over, and a very short walk later we found a private spot that could have been miles away from civilization—so quiet and incredibly beautiful. Eldon asked me if I knew how to meditate and I said of course—I mean, I knew that meditation was about quieting the mind and relaxing so how difficult could it be? So while Eldon lay down to meditate, ...

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Prosperity and Abundance: A Personal Experience

The best part of my job has to be the testimonials that we receive from customers. I particularly love it when customers report on their experiments using the InnerTalk technology and share their own perspectives on the entire process. Today, I bring you one such letter we received from a customer. This one starts with his experience using Prosperity and Abundance, but then he goes on to share his own understanding of how it all works. I love both the fact that he put action behind his desire to become more prosperous and the amount of work he has put ...

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Why You Sabotage Your Own Dreams!

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you set yourself a goal, start out doing pretty well, but then something happens and you end up failing? This is the classic indicator of self-sabotage and it can show itself in a wide variety of self-improvement areas ranging from weight loss to business, education to parenting skills. Sometimes, when I am discussing this issue with customers, they can be very surprised and disbelieving, responding with questions such as, “Why would I sabotage my own goals?” Self-Preservation While your subconscious mind does not set out deliberately to sabotage your dreams and ...

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