Customizing Your Meditation Experience

The first time I thought about meditation seriously was when Eldon took me to Zion National Park not long after we first met. As we were exiting the park Eldon found a place where we could pull over, and a very short walk later we found a private spot that could have been miles away from civilization—so quiet and incredibly beautiful. Eldon asked me if I knew how to meditate and I said of course—I mean, I knew that meditation was about quieting the mind and relaxing so how difficult could it be? So while Eldon lay down to meditate, I promptly fell asleep!


Guided by Meditations

Once Eldon had awoken me and we were back in the car, he shared a couple of experiences with me. The first was about a meditation he had done in Las Vegas. An earlier meditation had told him that he should go to the Mohave Desert just outside of Joshua National Park for a three-day meditation trip. (You can read this full story in Eldon’s book, Simple Things and Simple Thoughts—a wonderful book of his poetry, thoughts, and philosophy). He was told to take almost nothing (no money, ID or camping supplies), and this latest meditation had informed him of a special amethyst necklace he needed to take with him. Now, he did not currently own this necklace but was informed that he would find it in a lapidary store just outside of Las Vegas. So together with his best friend and co-founder of Progressive Awareness, Roy Bey, he went hunting for this piece. He knew exactly what it would look like, the kind of mounting and what the chain would be made of, but he still had to find the store! They passed a couple of stores that Eldon disregarded and then they came to the store that he just knew would have the necklace. They searched the store to no avail and then asked the storeowner for assistance, describing the necklace to him. After some careful thought, it was as though a light went on in the storekeeper’s eyes—he remembered a necklace that fit the description, but which he had not yet entered into inventory. Going into the back room, he quickly came back out carrying the necklace Eldon had seen in his meditation!

Eldon then went on to tell me that in the meditation he had just completed (while I slept!), he had been shown another crystal—a round ball with a ruby cabochon affixed to it. This time he knew that this was something he was going to have to go home and make. It took him a couple of months after that to find the right parts, but the resulting piece hung in our bedroom for many years after that.

My Incredible Meditation Experience

Well, from these stories, I knew that meditation was more than relaxing and falling asleep, and that I should explore this phenomenon more. It was actually pretty easy to start as Eldon introduced me to his The Healing Dream: The Asclepiad Experience. (If you do not know, and as I since learned, Asclepius was the Greek God of Healing). However, Eldon did not even tell me what the program was about—he just said I should relax in his recliner and listen to this particular cassette (yes this was well before CDs were introduced!). The music was relaxing and the spoken words were interesting but a little nonsensical to me at that time, so I quickly found myself day-dreaming. It was a fun daydream—I met a guide who proceeded to show me around a new land. We walked along a path while he shared some of his wisdom with me, then passed a beautiful tree that seemed to call to me, around a curve in the path and then leaving the path we went around a huge boulder. On the other side of the boulder sat a master talking to a circle of young souls. I joined them, taking in the wisdom of his teaching, and when he was finished we stood up to leave. Right at that moment, Eldon turned off the cassette player and I came back to the real world feeling very relaxed and at peace with myself. However, I was very surprised to learn that the program on the cassette had not come to an end—Eldon had just turned it off mid-way through as it was time for us to leave. So my day-dream had ended right when the program was turned off and was therefore not a result of the conclusion of some guided imagery script!

Customizing Meditations

Since that time, I have taken meditation very seriously. I have learned the process, practiced various techniques, and learned how it differs from hypnosis/hypnotherapy. But even more importantly, I have learned how to take the meditative process and truly make it my own. As I have said many times before, as a working mother and animal lover, I have very little time to myself, and it is certainly very rare that I can take time out of my day to go meditate. As such, I have become a strong believer in both working meditations (I can meditate while doing dishes, working in the yard and when Eldon and I go running), and in bedtime meditations. This latter can be incredibly powerful, especially when I hit that point just before falling asleep when the connection to higher spirit is so much stronger!

Benefits of Meditations

I cannot begin to tell you all the things I have learned in my meditations—I have seen many glimpses of my soul-self, found answers to problems, had pre-cognitive experiences and discovered my own innate creativity. Whenever I find myself in that stuck place, I know that entering that meditative state will clear out the clutter and allow me to find the solutions.

But of course, meditation is not just about spiritual experiences for the process itself has huge health benefits. Doctors now recommend it for conditions ranging from lowering blood pressure, to reducing chronic pain, from sleep disorders to irritable bowel syndrome and from headaches to skin disorders!

Deep Meditation

Deep MeditationAs you can see, meditating effectively really is something everyone should learn how to do, and this is why we recently created our new Deep Meditation album. This album contains:

  • Answers Through Meditation—designed to give you the flexibility to ask your own questions;
  • Power Meditation—how to meditate deeply when you have just 12 minutes free.
  • The Healing Dream: The Asclepiad Experience—as I mentioned earlier;
  • Hyperemperia—which gave me my first precognitive experience;
  • Personal Peace—a Power Imaging program, which will introduce you to the basic process of getting into a meditative process. (This is what I used when I started developing my own personal meditations);
  • Contact Meditation—an InnerTalk subliminal program, which will significantly enhance any personal meditation;
  • The I Am Presence—an InnerTalk subliminal program designed to enhance the spiritual aspect of your meditations, and
  • Inspirations—the InnerTalk Video Entrainment DVD, which is the perfect way to enjoy the meditative process when you are simply too tired, or too up tight, to go through a meditation by yourself.

You owe it to yourself to learn how to meditate, to learn different techniques of meditation, and to deepen your own meditation experiences, and Deep Meditation is the perfect tool.  Get your copy here!

Wishing you Love, Light, and Laughter, always!

Ravinder Taylor

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