It’s Time to Quash the Stress

Well, there is no denying the fact that Covid-19—or Corona as I prefer to call it—is turning our lives upside down. The stress and fear of either ourselves or our loved ones catching it, are only exacerbated by the current hoarding going on (making it impossible to buy toilet paper or pasta!), questions about continued employment, and an awareness of the incredibly vast impact all of this will have on the economy. How long will this last? Who knows! What will the country/world look like when it is done? Who knows! But as you may have guessed from my many newsletters, I am a solutions kind of person so there is no way I would bring up this subject if I did not have any ideas on what we can do about it all.

Eliminate stress and activate your innate self-healing abilities!


Every direction we look in, there is something to be stressed about. You see, in addition to the issues that Corona impacts directly, there are also all of the indirect issues. There are the birthday parties we cannot go to, exams that cannot be taken, weddings that cannot be celebrated, funerals that cannot be attended, and sick loved ones (with Corona or suffering from any other condition) that we cannot visit. Stress piling on stress and creating stress!

Old Solutions

There was a time that I dealt with stress by becoming very focused—attending only to those things that I had to tend to and letting everything else go. There can be great comfort in curling up in the fetal position. However, this only works for short term stress, and Corona will not be fully over any time soon. But most importantly, stressing over everything is the opposite of what we need in order to strengthen our immune system and activate all of those self-healing mechanisms that our bodies innately have.

So, what are some of the strategies we can employ to quash the stress, boost our immune systems, and actually find some value in these most interesting times?

Enjoy It

There is a Baby-Boomer meme going around on Facebook that basically goes, “Our generation was asked to go to war, your generation is being asked to sit on the sofa and watch TV.” Simplistic and patronizing I know, but many of us do have extra time to spend at home with our loved ones—make the most it. Cuddle and play with your children, kiss your spouse, indulge in the movies you wanted to watch, or the books you wanted to read. Perhaps you have some hobbies that you wanted time for—learn an instrument, cook, bake, draw, paint, journal, write a novel, etc. And then there are those things we know we should do—work in the yard, clean out those closets, brush the dogs, etc. Most of us have never had so much free time, so find ways to maximize it.


Gratitude has been shown to improve health and boost immunity. It is also one of the first doors to leading a spiritual life and/or bringing a general satisfaction with life. For years, whenever I have seen emergency vehicles—fire trucks, ambulances, police cars—I have offered a silent blessing and a thank you. What a wonderful world we live in when people will rush to our aid when we are in trouble. To all of those workers, I always say “Thank you!”

But today, there are so many more people who deserve our gratitude. There is the complete supply chain working to keep the grocery stores well stocked. Factories are shifting gears producing sanitizers instead of booze, or surgical masks instead of high street fashions. Car manufacturers are now building ventilators. Doctors, nurses and the rest of their teams are now on the front lines. Amazon, Walmart and others working tirelessly with their deliver or pick-up services. To all of these and more, I say “Thank you!” And of course, there is even a special thank you for everyone who is staying at home, doing their bit to shun Corona.

Get the Support You Need

Eliminate Stress: Experience Joy

However, even with all of this knowledge on how to deal with stress, sometimes it just sits there. So, for those people who need an extra boost in the stress busting department, we have decided to put our Eliminating Stress: Experiencing Joy album on sale. This complete album consists of 9 programs, designed to zap stress from every direction. Six of the programs use the InnerTalk subliminal format and can be played in the background as you go about your day (watching TV, reading a book, tending to chores, etc.), and even all night while your sleep. How nice it is to wake up first thing in the morning feeling light and cheerful! The InnerTalk subliminal titles are:

  • InnerTalk—Releasing Anxiety: Discovering Self-Peace,
  • InnerTalk—Freedom from Fears,
  • InnerTalk—Serenity,
  • InnerTalk—Optimism Plus,
  • InnerTalk—Joyous Day, and
  • InnerTalk—Have it All.

And then, for those times when you need a more immediate boost, there are our headphone programs. These require focused attention (put on headphones, close your eyes and put your feet up) and should never be used when conscious attention is required, such as while driving or operating machinery. But these programs can be a great pick-me-upper. These titles include:

  • Echo-Tech—Stress Free,
  • OZO—Boundless Joy, and
  • Power Imaging—Personal Peace.

Get your copy here.

Together we can zap the stress, maximize opportunities, and win the battle with Corona!

Wishing you love, light, and laughter . . . always!

Ravinder Taylor

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