Boost Your Immune System

Well, this is a difficult newsletter to write . . . for several reasons. Is it best to ignore an issue or to tackle it head on? But what if tackling it head on just makes you sound tacky? This is something Eldon and I have been debating about lately, and this newsletter is obviously our conclusion.

Nurture your self-healing ability


I am of course talking about the subject that is filling all the headlines right now—the coronavirus. The fact is, I still have no idea what this all means: how big a threat is it to us all, and is washing your hands frequently really the best solution? I do not know. But with all of the news alerts, the state of emergency that has been declared in Washington State (where we live), the schools that are closing as precaution, and the rising numbers of infected patients, what I do know is that it is getting harder to walk the line between the paranoid and the blasé.

The fact is, the coronavirus is significantly more dangerous to those who are already suffering from weakened immune systems, so therefore it is important to make sure that we all take care of ourselves and go that extra step to keep ourselves healthy. This of course means doing what we can to reduce stress, make sure we get adequate sleep and nutrition, and perhaps boost up our intake of Vit C, Zinc, Echinacea and other such remedies. But there is one more thing that we can do, and that is to take care of the mental aspect.

Mind/Body Healing

Almost everyone today is familiar with the mind body connection. We have all heard of stories where people have healed themselves of serious illnesses when they have added in the mental aspect. In fact, I have shared my own stories of curing myself of rheumatoid arthritis and putting away my prescription reading and distance glasses (for 10 more years anyway), simply by tending to the mental aspect of self-healing—something Eldon has been teaching for more than 30 years now.

Health and Wellness

Holding Hands ForeverBecause this is such a serious issue right now, Eldon and I decided we should put our Health and Wellness library on sale.

Health and Wellness includes Eldon’s full presentation on the mind body connection, plus  

  • OZOHealth and Healing;
  • Echo-TechHigh Self Esteem;
  • Power ImagingHealth and Pain Relief;
  • InnerTalkSelf Healing is Natural, Powerful Immune System and Forgiving and Letting Go;
  • Video EntrainmentPsychoneuroimmunology; and
  • A Quick Start booklet.

For more details, click here.

Until this coronavirus situation is fully under control, I know I will be using the programs in this library just as much as I can, and certainly playing the subliminal programs all night long while I sleep. 

Wishing you love, light and laughter, always,

Ravinder Taylor

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