Motivational Nudges to Empower Your Life

Motivational Nudges - your currency to a better life!

How High is Up?

For many people, self-help is simply a tool used for addressing a specific issue. They fix the issue and then they move on. For some people though, self-help is more of a journey, a constant striving for higher goals, a search for ways to unleash all of their inner potential. These are the people who know the real secret to success, regardless of whether that success means career or academic achievements, relationship, sports, body image, or spirituality.

“How high is up?” has long been our slogan. Motivational Nudges is full of insightful nuggets that will inspire you not only to ask this question too, but to also put action behind your dreams.

Motivational Nudges

Most of us are aware of what we need to do to enhance our personal empowerment, but oftentimes we find our efforts slipping. Motivational Nudges is full of concise messages that will inspire you to get back on track. Read the book cover to cover, or simply open at random and start reading. You will be surprised at how much the messages relate to you personally.

Resource Guide

Also included in Motivational Nudges to Empower Your Life is a complete InnerTalk Resource Guide. This provides the most comprehensive information regarding the InnerTalk offerings. And in case you don’t remember, InnerTalk is Eldon’s brilliant technology that was patented and repeatedly demonstrated effective in numerous independent research designs. In fact, it is the only such technology on the market that is backed by independently run, double-blind studies (and there are many such studies attesting to the power of InnerTalk)!

Even though I am of course totally familiar with all things InnerTalk, I have to tell you that even I was inspired as I read through the Resource Guide section of Motivational Nudges. Without using (at that particular time) any of the InnerTalk programs, I still found my spirits lifted as I felt the surge of ‘can-do’ attitude regarding all aspects of my life.

Motivational Nudges—every nudge contains nuggets that can become your currency to a better life.

Wishing you Love, Light and Laughter . . . always!

Ravinder Taylor

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