Find the Silver Lining!

When times are difficult, I often hunt for silver linings. If I can find something positive—any little thing that can be seen as an advantage—then the difficult times become more bearable. Right now we are all spending more time at home—what are you doing to maximize that?

The one thing that would be beneficial for everyone would of course be to search for the spiritual for that is where we find hope—something we can all do with right now. 

Spirituality contains hope and peace!

Deep Meditation

I cannot begin to tell you all the things I have learned in my meditations—I have seen many glimpses of my soul-self, found answers to problems, had pre-cognitive experiences and discovered my own innate creativity. Whenever I find myself in that stuck place, I know that entering that meditative state will clear out the clutter and allow me to find the solutions.

But of course, meditation is not just about spiritual experiences for the process itself has huge health benefits. Doctors now recommend it for conditions ranging from lowering blood pressure, to reducing chronic pain, from sleep disorders to irritable bowel syndrome and from headaches to skin disorders!

The Process of Meditation

Deep MeditationAs you can see, meditating effectively really is something everyone should learn how to do, and this is why we created our Deep Meditation album. This album contains:

  • Answers Through Meditation—designed to give you the flexibility to ask your own questions;
  • Power Meditation—how to meditate deeply when you have just 12 minutes free;
  • The Healing Dream: The Asclepiad Experience—as I mentioned earlier;
  • Hyperemperia—which gave me my first precognitive experience;
  • Personal Peace—a Power Imaging program, which will introduce you to the basic process of getting into a meditative process. (This is what I used when I started developing my own personal meditations);
  • Contact Meditation—an InnerTalk subliminal program, which will significantly enhance any personal meditation;
  • The I Am Presence—an InnerTalk subliminal program designed to enhance the spiritual aspect of your meditations; and
  • Inspirations—the InnerTalk Video Entrainment DVD, which is the perfect way to enjoy the meditative process when you are simply too tired, or too up tight, to go through a meditation by yourself.

You owe it to yourself to learn how to meditate, to learn different techniques of meditation, and to deepen your own meditation experiences, and Deep Meditation is the perfect tool.  Get your copy here!

Spiritual Connectedness

Science has shown that the spiritually minded will live longer, healthier lives. Spiritual practices, such as daily meditation, lighting candles, attending church services, or taking time to retreat into nature, all assist in reducing stress and therefore improve the quality of life.

My Experience

For me though, being spiritual is not about performing daily practices, but rather it is a state of mind that brings with it not only the benefits outlined above, but a whole host more. When I am feeling spiritually connected, life simply proceeds more smoothly, problems frequently disappear, inspiration feeds my life offering me practical options for making my life better and also offering many new insights into the age old questions. When I am in-tune with my spiritual side, life is more joyous, relationships are enhanced—I feel like I am on track and in control of my life!

Spiritual Connectedness Affirmations

Spiritual Connectedness affirmations, regardless of when they are applied, can directly influence the way in which we view a problem. When we view a problem through a connected lens, the problem not only diminishes, but can disappear all together. By priming our self-talk with connectedness affirmations we can awaken our spiritual quotient and it will empower our innate spiritual intelligence.

Spiritual ConnectednessBy increasing our innate spiritual intelligence we can experience greater creativity; develop abstract reasoning abilities; maintain a more stable emotional state; and enjoy healthier and longer lives. For this reason, we created a very special collection of InnerTalk programs that will assist you in:

  1. Accessing the Oneness within;
  2. Opening up to a High Power;
  3. Believing in Miracles;
  4. Centering your thoughts, emotions, and spirit;
  5. Receiving the Power of the Spirit;
  6. Finding the Love and Light within Life;
  7. Being Humble and Powerful; and
  8. Finding deeper connections through Contact Meditation.

Change your thinking and change your life! Get your copy here. 

Wishing you love, light, and laughter . . . always!

Ravinder Taylor

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