Super-Charged Self-Care: Emotional Detoxing

Do you ever feel as though life itself has smacked you in the face and left you reeling? Sometimes it can be to do with negative people, and sometimes it can be just a string of bad luck. Regardless of the cause, these situations can leave you feeling out of balance, unsure of yourself, disappointed, and in need of some serious self-care.

Find your inner balance!


We have all encountered those people who, even after just a short exchange, have left us feeling drained. Something in their psyches just seemed to suck away any normal sense of inner contentment. In some instances, these are just very negative people, but oftentimes it can be hard to really define what is going on. All we know is that there is a strong need to shake it all off.

Other times it can be life dramas that cause us to feel all out of whack. Where values and common decency can seem so obvious to us, we discover that others don’t see the world in the same way. And try as we might, we seem totally unable to get others to even treat us with the respect they would give to total strangers.

Recently, I found myself dealing with a lot of drama. No matter how carefully I tried to navigate the delicate situations, I still found my life-canoe being smashed about by the rapids. Eventually I turned to Eldon and, throwing my hands up in despair, declared that I needed to do an emotional detox! Sometimes life does find interesting ways to inspire Eldon and me to create new products!


There are times that we all need to take a breather and spend a while just acknowledging the fact that we are okay and worthy of respect, kindness, and consideration. A place where we can believe in ourselves. After my last experience, Eldon and I decided to create an album of programs to specifically address this kind of situation, an album that would provide a kind of oasis where we could regather our bearings, and then a roadmap back to a place of harmony—and so we put together Emotional Detoxing.

Emotional Detoxing

If you’ve dealt with the overbearing, the negative, the narcissist, or the emotional vampire and found yourself unable to shed those contaminated feelings, Emotional Detoxing is just for you. If you feel as though you have just been through a string of bad situations, then Emotional Detoxing is just for you. Don’t let the world and circumstances infect your attitude and dictate your future. Rediscover your center with Emotional Detoxing.

Emotional Detoxing will:

  • Dissipate your stress;
  • Give you a sense of inner peace;
  • Assist you in believing in yourself again;
  • Remind you that you matter just as much as the next person;
  • Help you find balance in your life;
  • Bring you to a calm, serene place;
  • Maximize your own ability to stay well; and
  • Build your inner resilience.

Titles Included

Emotional DetoxingEmotional Detoxing consists of nine programs and four technologies. The titles in this album include:

  • Echo-Tech: Stress Free
  • OZO: Inner Peace
  • Power Imaging: Well-Being and Esteem
  • InnerTalk (in nature): Healing from Invalidation
  • InnerTalk (in nature): Overcoming Narcissistic Control
  • InnerTalk (in nature): Centering
  • InnerTalk (in nature): Serenity
  • InnerTalk (in nature): Be Well Stay Happy
  • InnerTalk (in nature): Developing Resilience

Act now—change your thinking and change your life! Don’t delay. Get your copy here. 

Wishing you love, light, and laughter . . . always!

Ravinder Taylor

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