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Small Changes Accumulate To Create Big Results!

One of the most common questions we get asked about InnerTalk has to do with the best way to use the programs. While we do have our official recommendations on this, I am not really one for following rules. As such, I have played with it and have tested out some different techniques on myself. Today then, I want to share with you some of my experiences and how they have worked for me. Officially The official recommendation is to play the InnerTalk subliminal programs once a day for 30 days. While this is very effective, and is based on ...

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Reclaim Your Inner Power: Ultimate Self-Esteem

When it comes to self-improvement/personal empowerment strategies, I tend to prefer to look forwards rather than backwards. Looking backwards generally involves examining your past, searching for the problem areas and focusing on healing them. While this can be most helpful, one of the things I found early on is that our histories are extremely complex and there is generally not one single event that sparks off a problem, but rather there are numerous triggering events that lend power to a minor hurt, feeding it and making it grow. Searching out all of these issues can take a long time and ...

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Fulfilling Your Life’s Purpose

Eldon and I have been working on a bit of a philosophical puzzle and I am hoping to get your thoughts on it.  Eldon created Progressive Awareness in 1984 and I joined him in 1990.  On the surface, it can seem as though our business is all about fixing problems, but it is really a lot more than that. The problem comes in how to explain the full picture to people. Eliminating Self-Sabotage InnerTalk works by priming your self-talk, changing the negative self-talk that is full of doubt and self-sabotaging beliefs into statements that support your goals, make you feel ...

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Overcome the Abuse of Control

Most of us are aware of the long-term effects of physical and emotional abuse, the toll it takes on a person’s sense of esteem and self worth long after the abuse has ceased. It’s very common for the abused to have deep-seated beliefs that perhaps they deserved the abuse because of some perceived fault of theirs.  This was why Eldon created his Healing from Abuse album, to deal with all of these feelings of being unworthy and incomplete. But recently I became aware of a kind of abuse that I think belongs in a different category. Early Training Some time ...

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Change Your Mental Group

It was Jim Rohn, entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker, who famously said that “we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.” But what exactly does this mean, and what can we do about it? Evidence Around Us As a general rule, Jim Rohn’s quote is used in the context of business or career success. However, I believe this also applies to every aspect of our lives, ranging from relationships to body image, from our educational achievements to our fitness goals, from our parenting abilities to our spiritual aspirations, and everything in between. Whatever goal you would like ...

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Mastering the Good Luck Paradigm

Why are some people just ‘plain downright lucky’ whereas others seem to spend all of their time in a quagmire of misfortune? And, even more importantly, is it possible to create good luck? The Many Faces of Luck There was a time in my life that good luck was simply a matter of chance, but then my life experience showed me something different. I remember being with a friend/colleague when we were asked to purchase tickets for a lottery. The lottery was a fund-raiser for a cause I believed in, so I dutifully purchased my tickets with zero expectation of ...

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