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Discover and Eliminate Self-Sabotage

My first introduction to self-sabotage came when an anesthesiologist/hypnotherapist gave a presentation at the Leicester Royal Infirmary (U.K.) where I worked in the early 80s. He shared a story about a woman who had experienced a pain in her arm for a very long time—more than a decade if I remember correctly. She had been to see many specialists, all to no avail. When asked under hypnosis to go back to the source of the problem, the patient remembered a traumatic event. This was an emotional event, not a physical event, and involved being told something that she found hurtful. ...

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Welcome to my blog!

I have enjoyed reading fantasy and science fiction ever since I was a child. My favorite kind always began in very ordinary circumstances that would kick out to fantastic adventures. I suppose a part of me thought that, if incredible journeys could be had by very normal people, then perhaps some such adventure could happen to me. Like most people, I have had my own experiences that were stranger than fiction. There have been numerous times in my life when the life stories being shared with me just seemed so incredible that I had thought they could not be made into ...

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