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Change Your Inner Beliefs —Change Your Life!

One of the things I’ve learned is that it doesn’t matter how obscure a problem is, or how insignificant the problem may seem to others, the only thing that really matters is the significance of the issue to the individual. When you find the solution for your own particular life-challenges, then your world improves—it is that simple. Self-improvement is not about becoming the ideal person according to the opinion of others, it is about overcoming restrictions in your own life and moving firmly onto the path that you choose to be on. Unexpected Changes The vast majority of people discover ...

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Super-Charged Self-Care: Emotional Detoxing

Do you ever feel as though life itself has smacked you in the face and left you reeling? Sometimes it can be to do with negative people, and sometimes it can be just a string of bad luck. Regardless of the cause, these situations can leave you feeling out of balance, unsure of yourself, disappointed, and in need of some serious self-care. Drama We have all encountered those people who, even after just a short exchange, have left us feeling drained. Something in their psyches just seemed to suck away any normal sense of inner contentment. In some instances, these ...

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Find the Silver Lining!

When times are difficult, I often hunt for silver linings. If I can find something positive—any little thing that can be seen as an advantage—then the difficult times become more bearable. Right now we are all spending more time at home—what are you doing to maximize that? The one thing that would be beneficial for everyone would of course be to search for the spiritual for that is where we find hope—something we can all do with right now.  Deep Meditation I cannot begin to tell you all the things I have learned in my meditations—I have seen many glimpses ...

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It’s Time to Quash the Stress

Well, there is no denying the fact that Covid-19—or Corona as I prefer to call it—is turning our lives upside down. The stress and fear of either ourselves or our loved ones catching it, are only exacerbated by the current hoarding going on (making it impossible to buy toilet paper or pasta!), questions about continued employment, and an awareness of the incredibly vast impact all of this will have on the economy. How long will this last? Who knows! What will the country/world look like when it is done? Who knows! But as you may have guessed from my many ...

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Boost Your Immune System

Well, this is a difficult newsletter to write . . . for several reasons. Is it best to ignore an issue or to tackle it head on? But what if tackling it head on just makes you sound tacky? This is something Eldon and I have been debating about lately, and this newsletter is obviously our conclusion. Coronavirus I am of course talking about the subject that is filling all the headlines right now—the coronavirus. The fact is, I still have no idea what this all means: how big a threat is it to us all, and is washing your ...

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Motivational Nudges to Empower Your Life

How High is Up? For many people, self-help is simply a tool used for addressing a specific issue. They fix the issue and then they move on. For some people though, self-help is more of a journey, a constant striving for higher goals, a search for ways to unleash all of their inner potential. These are the people who know the real secret to success, regardless of whether that success means career or academic achievements, relationship, sports, body image, or spirituality. “How high is up?” has long been our slogan. Motivational Nudges is full of insightful nuggets that will inspire ...

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