Why You Sabotage Your Own Dreams!

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you set yourself a goal, start out doing pretty well, but then something happens and you end up failing? This is the classic indicator of self-sabotage and it can show itself in a wide variety of self-improvement areas ranging from weight loss to business, education to parenting skills.

Sometimes, when I am discussing this issue with customers, they can be very surprised and disbelieving, responding with questions such as, “Why would I sabotage my own goals?”

Get out of your own way!


While your subconscious mind does not set out deliberately to sabotage your dreams and goals, one of its most important tasks is to protect you. So, for the person who was embarrassed as a child when reading aloud in class, the subconscious can put into place the notion of “I must avoid public speaking at all cost.” Then, when the person becomes an adult and they have the ability to show they are capable of the new job with its responsibilities, but this new job will involve leading group meetings, they will suddenly decide that they really don’t want the promotion after all. Or the person who associates eating with the comfort that came after having fears assuaged with a kiss and bowl of ice-cream from Mom, and now always reaches for the ice-cream when stressed, even after they have decided to cut out junk food in order to lose weight. And these examples can go on and on. However, what you should realize is that, in all of these examples, the decision to take the action that sabotages the stated goal is coming from the unconscious as a result of a defensive or automatic mechanism.

Overcome The Negative Inner Voice

The fact is, we all have self-sabotaging programming in our psyche. If you have not encountered it, it is just because you have not pushed the boundaries to find it—yet! Or maybe this very action is your symptom of self-sabotage.

Wherever you are in life, whatever your goals, overcoming that negative inner voice that wants to hold you back is vital for reaching your highest aspirations. Eldon’s InnerTalk Mindfulness Training Collection, Eliminating Self-Sabotage, deals with this issue on many different levels.

Eliminate Self-Sabotage, Now!

Eliminating Self SabotageEliminating Self-Sabotage uses 4 different technologies (InnerTalk, OZO, Echo-Tech and Power Imaging) so there’s lots of flexibility in how you use these programs. Play InnerTalk in the background as you go about your day or all night while you sleep, and use the headphone programs once or twice a day. For the headphone programs, you can decide if you want to use the gentle supportive Echo-Tech, the strong guiding push of OZO or the journey within to discover the cause and solution to your issue with Power Imaging.

The titles included with Eliminating Self-Sabotage include Healing from Invalidation, Re-scripting the Child Within, End Self-Destructive Patterns, Self-Confidence, Boundless Joy, Personal Peace, Releasing Anger and Have it All! The perfect package to assist you in uncovering and replacing all of that programming that causes you to self-sabotage your own goals and dreams. This is a ‘must have’ item for your InnerTalk library! Get your copy now!

Wishing you Love, Light and Laughter . . . always!

Ravinder Taylor

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